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Apr 19, 2015

Live from Cabela's in Saginaw Michigan for Lady's Outdoor Days!

  1. Why we are here
  2. Interview with Narryn Davis HR Field Specialist
  3. My Disconnect Day

My Disconnect Day promotion by Cabela's

  1. What is it
  2. Why it is important
  3. How to get involved

Prepping for the upcoming turkey season

  1. Scouting
  2. Set up
  3. Putting the puzzle together

What is ethical shooting, discussion on recent article on shooting deer on the run

Question of the week

  1. Have you heard of turkey jewels
  2. Would you harvest them and save them

PSE Tech Tip of the Week with Bobby Vargas

  1. What gear do I need to get involved in tournament shooting
  2. Different types of tournament shooting events and the difference in gear