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Dec 27, 2015

Last Winter Recap

  1. Ice Fishing in February
  2. QDMA Banquet
  3. Looking to form a deer co-op, forming a plan
  4. Looking ahead to this ice fishing season
  5. Bridge to Bridge ice fishing tournament with Cabela's
  6. Mara's tournament fishing in early spring in Ohio
  7. Fishing Lake Erie and big water danger

Last Spring Recap

  1. Dan's slow start to turkey season but overall was a very successful season for multiple reasons
  2. Mara's turkey season had to be worked around college classes but was successful
  3. Mike's season ruined by work obligations
  4. Comparing Ohio and Michigan Turkey Season lengths
  5. Trail Cam deer management project
  6. What other things does trail cams help with?
  7. Starting a deer co-op
  8. Mara's trail cam experience

Last Summer Recap

  1. Dan's wife's two year battle with a trout
  2. Ohio trip to Cabela's for the Archery Classic
  3. Mara Joins the Up North Journal Team
  4. Bowfest at Spot Shooter Archery
  5. Mara becomes a mentor for a young female archer
  6. Show season
  7. Ohio Tournament fishing for Mara throughout the summer
  8. Summer bowfishing equipment

Last Fall Recap

  1. Festivus
  2. Ohio early deer season for Mara
  3. Mara takes a huge doe with her new PSE EVO
  4. She misses a big buck
  5. Ohio shotgun season
  6. Four weeks of hard deer hunting in Michigan
  7. Close encounters with big bucks
  8. Helped hunter take his first deer
  9. Huge doe kill

Looking forward to ATA 2016