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Feb 1, 2016

This week Dan and Mike headed to the Huntin' Time Expo in Grand Rapids Michigan and managed to talk with a few people about hunting, furs and trees!

Dan talked with Dave Wilkins of Droptine Outdoor Adventures about a few hunts that might peak your curiosity.

  1. Looking for an out of state spring turkey hunt, Kansas might be the trick
  2. For those guys who are taking the family to Disney in the late summer before school starts, well a Florida gator hunt might be the ticket while the family visits the mouse.
  3. What is on Dave's personal bucket list? A North American Moose hunt and an African Cape Buffalo hunt.
  4. Get in touch with Dave at:

Mike chats with a member of the Michigan Fur Trappers and Predator Callers Association about why fur prices are so low.

  1. What's the cause for the low fur prices
  2. Is there any relief in sight
  3. Other alternatives to selling your furs at a low price
  4. Tanning your prize furs
  5. The 2016 National Fur Trappers Convention in Kalamazoo Michigan August 18-20

Mike and Dan both talk with Rick Lucas of the Michigan Forest Resource Alliance about the Michigan Qualified Forest Program

  1. What is the Michigan Qualified Forest Program
  2. How does it benefit private land owners
  3. What properties qualify
  4. What are the long term affects
  5. How does this program affect the property taxes
  6. How will this affect the animals on my property
  7. What types of logging are done in this program
  8. Contact for qualification at: