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Mar 14, 2016

Kayak fishing from a kayak with Adam Marsh of Cabela's

  1. Cabela's Outfitter in the fishing department
  2. Honed his skills as a youngster on Houghton Lake
  3. Fishes from a kayak
  4. Uses spinning reels due to having to fish sitting down in the kayak
  5. Uses 10ft fishing kayak
  6. Shorter kayaks are easier to maneuver in streams with current
  7. Gives you the ability to stop and bank fish in areas that people with motor boats cannot get access to fish
  8. Stays in the kayak to fish on inland lakes
  9. Can transport without using a trailer or a vehicle without a trailer hitch
  10. You use more upper body strength to fight the fish unlike from a boat or on a shore
  11. Uses Cabela's Advamced Angler Pro Series Sling Pack for carrying fishing tackle
  12. Uses Fenwick 5'6" 2 Piece Rod
  13. PFD's and water shoes

 Making a wingbone turkey call with Mike Rusz of Cabela's

  1. Cabela's Outfitter, turkey and waterfowl specialist
  2. Takes us on a Rio Turkey hunt in Kansas where he kills two toms at one time!
  3. Makes a wingbone turkey call from one of the toms Mike shot in Kansas
  4. The process for making a wingbone call
  5. Wants to call in a Rio with the call he made from the wingbones of the Rio he killed.
  6. What it sounds like and the technique to sound the call
  7. Wants to make a Grand Slam of wingbone turkey calls

 Hunting Slam quests in North America with Mike Ruzs of Cabela's

  1. Talking Grand Slam of turkeys
  2. What consists of Royal and World Slams of turkeys?
  3. North American Whitetail Slam
  4. North American Flyway Waterfowl Slam
  5. Missing the Miriam from the Grand Slam due to a hunt with two friends who connected and also the Osceola in Florida
  6. Personal quests
  7. What drives us to the slams or bucket lists as we get older?

 A La Carte Fishing with Cabela's Outfitter David Kuhl

  1. Talks about working with Cabela's
  2. Helps to set up people who want to DYI fish any where in Michigan or guides for those trips as well
  3. Educates people on proper technique or style to catch a particular species on a particular body of water
  4. Great for out of town vacationers to take a day fishing trip
  5. Helps with learning what boat to purchase for the setup they are looking to achieve
  6. Offers three styles of boats for fishing