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Mar 27, 2016

Turkey scouting

  1. Turkey hunting Alabama and the south
  2. Springs coming no foliage
  3. Montana Decoys in the field
  4. Preseason scouting

Hunting Mentor

  1. Helping a young hunter learn the ins and outs of turkey hunting
  2. Decoys
  3. Calls
  4. Habitat
  5. Explaining experience

Indiana to allow rifles for deer hunting

  1. Governor signs bill to allow hunters to use rifles for deer hunting on private lands
  2. Only five calipers to be used
  3. Why didn't DNR move forward on this issue 
  4. This was passed by the state legislature
  5. Does this set a precedent for future game laws
  6. No one knew this was coming
  7. Whats the impact on wildlife 
  8. What are the safety issues
  9. How many deer will be killed or wounded
  10. Why no .270 caliber
  11. Over population and over browsing