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Apr 4, 2016

QDMA Habitate Management

  1. Michigan NE Chapter President Perry Woods holds a Deer Habitat Workshop
  2. Class was at Perry's deer camp with 14 students
  3. Man made licking branch site
  4. How to make a licking branch
  5. Different ways or techniques to use hinge cutting to hold or move or funnel deer
  6. Hinge cutting for containing deer within a given area, example is a food plot
  7. Hinge cutting for bedding areas
  8. Hinge cutting for moving deer through your property
  9. Make a master plan!
  10. Set realistic goals
  11. Change is good but hard to accomplish sometimes 
  12. Traditions are the hardest things to overcome when trying to initiate change
  13. How is Mike's plan working?
  14. Need to work on ways to get into stands without spooking deer

Trail Camera Project

  1. Starting the 2016 deer season
  2. Working on deer management 24/7 365
  3. Putting out 4 trail cameras and getting the trail cam project started for this upcoming season
  4. Is there a good reason to leave trail cameras out all year?
  5. Browning Trail Cameras
  6. Our new rye crop Aroostook Rye

600 Yard public rifle range in Alpena Michigan 

  1. Alpena Sportsmen's Club
  2. Open to the public
  3. 600 yard range
  4. Archery Range
  5. Pistol Range
  6. Shotgun Range