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Sep 26, 2016

Mike is on the road and Dan has him call in to do the show

  1. Fall is in the air
  2. Up north felling like fall
  3. Mike building a deer blind
  4. Mike and Dan taking the third week off of work to do some bow hunting at their respective camps
  5. Full moon hunting?
  6. Fall deer sightings
  7. Dan did some squirrel hunting
  8. Leaves are turning

Mike's deer blind project

  1. Deerzebo
  2. Octagon shape
  3. Blind is up and almost completed
  4. 3 bow windows and 4 gun windows
  5. Future food plot on the honey hole
  6. Proximity to bedding areas
  7. Blind will have a urinal
  8. Hunting mature deer
  9. What does it take to push them off your property

Danny talks to deer!

  1. He has a yearling buck that gets close to him
  2. Deer teases the dogs
  3. Hunter gets attacked by a doe
  4. Talking about what spooks big bucks
  5. Use the science and technology to your advantage

Mike's trip north with supplies for the blind

  1. Mike overloaded the jeep and trailer to head north
  2. White knuckled trip
  3. Danny remembers overloading a trailer
  4. Mike blew a tire last week on the trailer
  5. What does Mike listen to on the radio while traveling north
  6. What snacks does Mike eat on the road
  7. Cabela's next Sunday, Mike and Dan will be there
  8. Making summer sausage with a Cabela's meat grinder and smoker