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Oct 10, 2016

Getting to the stand

  1. How does Mike get to his stand
  2. How does Dan get to his stand
  3. How does Mike leave his stand
  4. How does Dan leave his stand

Interview with Author Jerry Lambert about his deer killed this weekend

  1. Jerry talks about his buck killed this morning
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Hungry Bucks eat in early October
  4. Stand placement
  5. Deer crashes into a tree
  6. What to hunt over in October
  7. Hunted on a farm that he knocked on the door and asked permission
  8. Jerry answers the question about leaving his stand
  9. Brush hog travel lanes to approach and leave stands
  10. Uses turkey call to mimic a turkey while walking out of the woods
  11. Buck decoy with one antler to have dominant buck come in to the weak side to control the shot placement
  12. The books Jerry has available for people to read