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Mar 26, 2018

Mike attended a pollination and habitat workshop this week

  1. Butterflies as pollinators and research going into the disappearance of two species
  2. Travel time for Monarch butterfly migration
  3. Downward trend of honey bee populations and what is killing them
  4. Bee population in the Lower 48
  5. Chemicals and mites killing the bees
  6. How to use chemicals around bees
  7. How do we incorporate bees into our hunting area and keep bears out of them
  8. What happens if you don't collect the honey
  9. Switch Grass planting
  10. Fawning grass vs bears

Turkey calls for beginners

  1. Box calls for beginner turkey hunters looking to learn how to call
  2. Simple slate calls are good for new turkey hunters
  3. Limb Walker Game Calls
  4. Red slate pot call from Limb Walker
  5. How does the slate thickness affect the calls
  6. What to use to carry your turkey decoys
  7. Canadian turkey hunting laws vs Michigan

Patterning your shotgun and ammo types

Some bucks still holding on to their antlers

Deer leaving their wintering grounds

A new kayak might be in Mike's future!