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Jun 25, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Dan Jasa of PSE Archery who just made the United States World Field Archery Team!

  1. What should I practice on when dealing with a busy schedule?
  2. The process
  3. Dan finally miss fired on the new release!
  4. Dan talks about making the US World Team!
  5. Going to Cortina Italy
  6. Talking about the team
  7. Practicing in bad conditions
  8. Tournament format
  9. Challenging Danny and Mike to a shoot in Ohio
  10. Terrain of the shoot
  11. Where it will be televised

Talking a little fishing with Dan Jasa

Talking about the new PSE Evolve 28

Talking deer hunting in Ohio

The guys talk CWD and how it's dealt with in Ohio

Dan tells Danny how to set up the new Black Mountain Outfitters Carbon DR Driver sight.

Dan getting ready for a week up at camp

  1. Getting packed
  2. Food plot planting
  3. Wondering if the floods hit his place
  4. Mike's fall food plot plans

 The guys discuss the new case of CWD in Michigan and how it could impact Michigan and possibly Ohio.

  1. New case of CWD in Jackson County Michigan
  2. What will be the reaction by Michigan's DNR
  3. Nice to see three major groups of hunters come together and find common ground to hold the DNR accountable for the horrible action plan
  4. How will Ohio react since it's so close to the state line
  5. New rules for 2018 deer season come out in August
  6. Buck dispersal
  7. Shooting more does
  8. Be observant and put the puzzle together