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Sep 24, 2018

Mike just rolled in from deer camp after a weekend of setting treestands and cutting shooting lanes.

  1. Food Plots are growing
  2. Cooler weather is here
  3. Deer are hitting other properties where people are putting bait out even though it's illegal
  4. Our food plots are getting a chance to get established since deer are not on them right now
  5. Heavy acorn crop with our white oaks
  6. Using a new X-Stand treestand to see how it compares to our other Family Tradition stands
  7. Using the EZ Cut pruning shears!
  8. Got two new stands up and one moved this year
  9. Left four other stands in place
  10. Stand set ups
  11. Danny talks grouse hunting

PSE Rifles

  1. PSE is now making rifle components for precision rifles
  2. Built for Remington model 700 chassis