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Oct 15, 2018

Mike and Dan give info for a person who wants to start hunting and do so with archery equipment.

  1. Hunter Safety
  2. Set a budget
  3. Work with a pro shop
  4. Shoot as many bows as possible
  5. How to pick a bow

What is a Dirty Food Plot?

  1. Irregular edges
  2. Down trees along the edges
  3. Cover along the edges
  4. Natural looking area that is inviting to mature bucks
  5. Using cut trees to create cover along the edge of plots
  6. Natural vegetation growing in your plot

West Virginia Hunters For Better Buck Management

  1. Group in WV looking for better buck management by the DNR
  2. Looking to decrease the amount of bucks you can take in a season.
  3. Possible Antler Point Restrictions
  4. Group is looking for like minded hunters to help push the agenda forward
  5. Ideas like this are popping up in other states
  6. Better herd dynamics also can cause loss of hunting property due to leases increasing etc....