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Jan 14, 2019

Celebrating our 500th Episode by recording live from the ATA show in Louisville Kentucky on the show floor.

Mike reflects back on 500 shows

  1. How we got to 500
  2.  A little emotion
  3. Thanking Mikey and his Dad
  4. A year without being around his dad
  5. 200th live stream as well

    Talking with Bill Epeards PSE Staff member

  1. Just finished his 17th Grand Slam of turkeys
  2. Shot 3 record book bucks this year
  3. Talking about how hard it is to take a grand slam in one year
  4. Difference between target archery and hunting
  5. What mistake do most hunters make today

Talking with African big game hunter Denny Steiner

  1. The Showroom
  2. 50 years of hunting in the showroom
  3. Shot his first buck 51 years ago in Missouri
  4. The Cape Buffalo hunt in Africa
  5. Shaking his bow at the herd of bulls
  6. His PH has a camera instead of his rifle in his hands
  7. The Giraffe hunt
  8. Taking apart the game
  9. How the meat benefits the whole community
  10. How nothing is left over
  11. African poaching

Talking with the owner of PSE Archery Pete Shepley

  1. The state of archery today
  2. How does target archery play into archery today
  3. The Pete Shepley Archer Center
  4. How can we get more people involved in archery
  5. The new game
  6. Team archery

Talking with Pedro de Ampuero of KUIU about the culture of hunting

  1. Youkon Moose Hunt
  2. You need to listen to nature
  3. The song he and his father sing after a successful hunt
  4. It's easier to extreme hunt than staying in the office all day
  5. Travel allows you to better under stand the culture
  6. World Slam, 12 different species of goat
  7. it wasn't a goal
  8. Hunting is not a competition
  9. Travel while hunting broadens your mind
  10. Helps you understand their culture
  11. You cannot solve others problems with our point of view
  12. You begin to understand what's important
  13. Training for mountain hunting
  14. Cameramen  have a hard time as well
  15. His wife is his video editor
  16. Heading to Pakistan for Ibex, Europe and Mongolia as well