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Jan 28, 2019

The guys talk with Deane Elliott of Gutcheck Indicators and Scent Relief about his two new products for the hunter.

Gutcheck Indicators

  1. Thought of it while hunting
  2. A system that determines if your arrow passes through the digestive system of an animal instead of the vitals
  3. After showing a prototype of it at ATA in 2016 it became a hit and he took it to market
  4. Came out with the arrow wrap first
  5. Then came out with the wipe if you don't want to put any additional weight on the arrow with the wrap
  6. Shelf life.....
  7. Works on all species
  8. Can you reuse?
  9. How do you remove wrap?
  10. Use with crossbows?
  11. Cost of wraps and wipes
  12. Where you can buy
  13. Reflective material on wraps
  14. Does arrow diameter matter?
  15. Can you use wipes with blood that is on the ground?

Scent Relief

  1. Came up with the idea while hunting
  2. How to neutralize humane urine in the field while hunting
  3. Thought to combine with cover scents and lures
  4. Two part solution
  5. First part is a neutralizer
  6. Second part is an additive for the scents
  7. What was the reaction when you first talked about it
  8. A game changer for hunters in states that don't allow any deer urine products to be used in the field
  9. Deer reaction to the product
  10. How to use the product
  11. How to store
  12. Pee Pot
  13. Does this work with other game animals?
  14. Production starts in June
  15. Where will it be available?

New companies we are working with this year.

  1. ScentLok and Scent Blocker #ScentLok
  2. Athletic socks #StinkyFeet
  3. Mike is going to use Scent-Lok and Danny is goingto use Scent Blocker
  4. EZ Kut Products #EZKut
  5. Rambo Bikes #RideWithRambo
  6. Question about the Scent-Lok Socks #StinkyFeet
  7. Xtree Stands

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