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Mar 11, 2019

This week the guys talk with Jay Gregory of The Wild Outdoors about CWD!

  1. Introduction with Jay
  2. Minnesota situation with CWD
  3. Jay's take on the current view of CWD
  4. 1/10th of 1%!!!!
  5. Where is the money coming from?
  6. The situation in Pennsylvania
  7. What is the end game?
  8. The Zombie Deer....
  9. Private research being done
  10. Keith Warren facts on CWD
  11. Why is no celebrities or companies in the industry taking a stand and asking the hard questions?
  12. Michigan's action plan
  13. Indiana to use Michigan's plan
  14. Why continue to follow the same unsuccessful plan?
  15. Follow the money
  16. Funding for the state wildlife agencies
  17. Deer genotypes that are resistant to CWD
  18. Elk responding well to CWD resistance
  19. Found in 1967 in Colorado
  20. Is the Cervid Farming Industry the untold answer to genetic testing?
  21. Michigan issuing a feeding permit to those in the U.P. going against their own baiting ban in the L.P.
  22. The personal side of Jay Gregory
  23. How do we hold our game officials accountable?
  24. Media plays to the worst case scenarios
  25. We need to have more people stand up and use their voice
  26. Why does the states out west handle this disease differently than the states here in the Midwest?
  27. Eating CWD deer
  28. Contact your local state reps and let your voice be heard
  29. Why isn't there a national push to work together on CWD?
  30. What kind of hunting is on the horizon for Jay Gregory?