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Jun 3, 2019

Introducing Ken Scicluna as a new contributor at Up North Journal

Getting to know Ken.....

  1. How he got started
  2. The fishing side
  3. The hunting side

Tournament fishing season is in full swing

  1. Fishes local tournament leagues
  2. Mainly fishes for bass
  3. Catching other fish during tournaments

The boat set up

  1. Getting boat ready for season
  2. Late February getting spring prep done
  3. How size of boat motor can make or break you
  4. 20 rods on the boat
  5. Why so many rods
  6. Who gets the front of the boat

Talking what baits to use

  1. Basic set up when fish are not biting
  2. Different ways to rig a worm
  3. Colors
  4. Crank bait
  5. Alabama rig
  6. Drop shot
  7. Texas rig

Are more people getting into fishing?

  1. Bass fishing tournaments are exploding
  2. High schools and colleges are forming fishing teams
  3. New fishing league
  4. DNR involvement
  5. DNR getting fish number information from tournaments
  6. Lake cycles

Ken's thoughts on deer hunting

  1. Dabbled in food plots
  2. Baiting vs not baiting
  3. Bow practice

Mike helped out at Spot Shooter Archery's new shop

  1. Helped build new shooting range
  2. Looking forward to the grand opening

Dan has encounter with a fawn and a doe