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Jul 15, 2019

The guys start the show by talking about the groundhog infestation at Mike's house.

Work day at deer camp for Mike.

  1. Saw a lot of deer on the way to camp Friday night
  2. Moved his bedroom to a new room in the lodge
  3. Traveling to camp issues on the road
  4. Had to purge some stuff that Mike's dad left
  5. Mike saw a lot of geese at camp

Elk Scouting and Planning for Mike's trip

  1. Mike went to scout in the area where he began his outdoor experience as a kid
  2. Mike's first buck that he shot was in the same area
  3. How hard is it to draw a Michigan Elk tag
  4. Found out where the mandatory elk hunting meeting location was at
  5. Elk viewing area was busy
  6. How the lottery system works for Michigan hunters
  7. How the Pure Michigan hunt works
  8. The layout of the elk hunting map
  9. 1200 elk in Michigan in 2018
  10. While in the area Mike wanted to secure a room for the week of the hunt
  11. Also had to locate places to eat.
  12. Mike got to talk with his guide at length about what to expect
  13. The process after killing an elk
  14. Mike talks about the area he took his first buck
  15. The hunt became real as Mike secured his room and began to scout
  16. Mike talks about why he thinks he didn't see any elk on his scouting trip
  17. Private property vs public land for hunting
  18. Coming full circle
  19. What gun will be used
  20. 5 months away
  21. Next step is to go through all the gear

Mike is getting the PSE Shootdown target bow dialed in.

  1. Getting use to the lens at close distances
  2. How the new arrows are performing
  3. Dialing in at 65 yards