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Dec 30, 2019

Mike and Dan discuss a few numbers out about the impact of wolves on the landscape

  1. Wolf introduction to Yellowstone in 1995
  2. Elk and Moose populations of 1995
  3. Wolf population in 2000
  4. Impact on elk and moose by 2000
  5. Using the wolf as a political tool

The History of Michigan Elk

  1. Last native elk killed in Michigan in late 1800's
  2. Henry Crabtree letter
  3. 1918 elk reintroduced to Michigan
  4. Original 7
  5. Growth of the herd
  6. First hunt in 1964/65
  7. First elk management plan
  8. Today's management plan
  9. Elk surveys

Ken Scicluna's late season doe management hunt

  1. Muzzleloader season doe
  2. Rough season turned around to success at the end
  3. Big buck he hit still not seen yet
  4. Playing on the cell phone
  5. Doe management

Guys give their thoughts on how their hunting philosophy has progressed the last decade.

Obscure game law in New Hampshire