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Jan 27, 2020

Danny road tripped to the west side of the state for the Hunting Time Expo

  1. Show was well attended, people getting ready for hunting season already
  2. JPO Game Calls has a new deer call
  3. Stopped and talked with Packer Maxx's Lincoln Rohn
  4. Comparing to the Outdoorama show
  5. Dave Wilkins of Droptine Outfitters
  6. The EZ Kut booth with Scott Bast!
  7. The straight and curved blade hand saws

Mike gets a little philosophical with a couple questions about this past season.

What was the biggest thing you learned last year and how are you going to apply it next year.

  1. Danny, Hard work pays off....
  2. All the preseason work he did for food plots paid off by the deer he saw on it instead of baiting
  3. Hopes to use more hard work to expand on his food plots and trails this upcoming season
  4. Mike, Surround yourself with good, ethical and like minded people

What was the biggest takeaway moment of the year that didn't involve you taking game and why?

  1. For Danny it was......Talking a new hunter through whether or not to shoot a deer and helping them talk through that decision
  2. Getting another person out to just enjoy the outdoors.
  3. For Mike it was mentoring a young new hunter and helping him get into the outdoor industry. Also enjoying hunting camp camaraderie.