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Jul 2, 2021

The guys are talking tonight with Ed Gramza of BaseMap about all of the new features of the Outdoor App for your phone. The outdoor industry's #1 GPS App!

What's new in BaseMap? 

  1. The Brand New XDR directional system
  2. Ease of Downloading High Res maps
  3. Live tracking system with useful data
  4. Live Link to other users
  5. Wind Check system

XDR directional system

  1. What is it
  2. How to use it
  3. How to use as a rangefinder
  4. Setting up a bearing to a known location
  5. Find your stand or vehicle
  6. Other uses for this tool

Downloading maps

  1. Ability to download high res large maps
  2. Quickness of downloading
  3. Storing maps
  4. How to use offline in a live situation without phone service

Live tracking of trips

  1. Mike uses for water trips 
  2. What data is provided
  3. Storing tracks
  4. Ways to use system

Live Link System

  1. What is it
  2. How to use and who can use
  3. What makes it useful
  4. How it could save your life in an emergency

Wind Check system

  1. How to use to see future wind direction
  2. How to set up stand locations and get 7 day advanced wind information
  3. How system lets you know what stand to hunt
  4. How to use for water situations

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