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Aug 26, 2021

Talking with Yamaha Pro Fisherman Josh Blosser about his Head 2 Head win in event 3 in Minnesota.

Josh recaps the week leading into the final day

  1. Talks about Joe Okada killing it with three killer days
  2. How Lake Mille Lacs fishes
  3. How he knows where to find fish
  4. His strategy 
  5. The slump zone
  6. Knowing when to go to his go to spot
  7. Staying with his program style of fishing
  8. Going through the gauntlet of fishing giants
  9. Going Head 2 Head with Joe Okada on the final day

Taking us through the final day against Joe Okada

  1. Joe Okada putting weight on the scales early
  2. Joe's 20 pound lead going into the final hours
  3. Josh's strategy never changing and sticking with his style of fishing
  4. Knowing when to go to the slump zone yet once again
  5. Where he found the fish to win
  6. What it was like when his brother showed up the last 15 minutes
  7. What it meant to him to have his brother there

What motivates him to keep pressing on fishing

What bait he used to win the event and how it is rigged

What Head 2 Head means to him

Looking ahead to next year in Head 2 Head