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Nov 12, 2021

Join us as the guys talk about their recent trip up to Michigan's upper peninsula to take in an archery deer hunt. 

Mike's perspective on hunting in the U.P. for the first time

  1. The lay of the land
  2. What did Mike expect?
  3. On stand
  4. Taking his first U.P. deer
  5. Using mechanical broadhead for the first time 

Danny went back out to hunt

  1. Dancing with a doe
  2. Up close and personal
  3. Doe two down

Gabby has to wait a day

  1. Making a decision on where to hunt
  2. Changing up mid set
  3. Getting the job done
  4. Doe number three on the ground
  5. Learning to gut a deer

Deer heart for dinner

  1. Preparing the heart
  2. Cooking the heart
  3. Eating the heart

Last day for Gabby to fill her buck tag

  1. laying eyes on a buck
  2. Figuring out the shot
  3. Taking the shot
  4. The wait to find it
  5. Remembering to have all your gear with you
  6. Dancing with the buck
  7. Deer number four down
  8. Gutting the buck

The surprise on the way home and across the Mackinaw Bridge