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Dec 3, 2021

Join the guys tonight as they talk with Yamaha Pro Fisherman Robert Blosser about his take on the first year of the Head 2 Head Pro Walleye Fishing Series along with His experience sail fishing in Guatemala.


Talking about the first year of the PWS Head 2 Head tournaments

  1. How the series format runs
  2. What he thought of the series
  3. The unique challenges of this style of tournament
  4. Most memorable tournament
  5. The head to head slugfest with Joe Okada on Mille Lacs
  6. What it was like to watch his little brother win the tournament
  7. Looking forward to next year
  8. What he thinks about the Saginaw Bay stop for next year
  9. What Yamaha means for him on the water
  10. How using a high end rod changed his fishing

Guatemala Sail Fishing

  1. What is sail fishing
  2. The set up for sail fishing
  3. Catching a sail fish
  4. How to reel one in
  5. The catch and release
  6. The reason for catch and release
  7. The cost associated with the trip