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Dec 10, 2021

Tonight the guys are talking with Jayson and Natalie Bauer of Island Armory about firearms and suppressors. 

How did Island Armory start

  1. Natalie's upbringing in firearms
  2. How she got Jayson into firearms
  3. How Jayson's love for firearms grew into what is now Island Armory
  4. What does Island Armory offer
  5. What is a boutique firearm shop
  6. Do they offer classes
  7. Where to purchase

Talking suppressors

  1. What is the best way to purchase a suppressor
  2. Individual or Trust
  3. What are the differences between the two
  4. Hybrid cans or individual cans
  5. What is the benefit of using a suppressor

Talking customizing AR style firearms

  1. What cervices does Island Armory offer for customization
  2. What can be done to an AR style firearm
  3. Determining what is important for each person


  1. Storage
  2. How long will it stay viable
  3. using old ammo

Current state of firearm perception

  1. Are things getting better or worse
  2. Firearm sales
  3. Perception in the public eye
  4. Current legislation being presented
  5. Women's role in the firearm debate
  6. national reciprocity