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Feb 4, 2022

Tonight the guys talk with Donise Petersen at Raised At Full Draw youth bow camp about their program. She also talks to them about her huge fall archery buck.

Raised At Full Draw

  1. Started by the Holder Family in 2014
  2. Camps throughout the United States
  3. Has a camp in Michigan
  4. Fourth Arrow is involved
  5. Four day camp
  6. Sleeping in a tent
  7. Hunter's Education certifications
  8. Equipment
  9. The costs
  10. Curriculum taught
  11. Camp dates
  12. Disciplines learned
  13. Total students allowed at camp
  14. Volunteers
  15. A typical camp day
  16. Returning students
  17. Parents attitudes 
  18. How to volunteer
  20. Food
  21. Women's camp
  22. How Donise got started in the outdoors and started with Raised At Full Draw
  23. On Line auction

Donise's Hunting experience

  1. The River Buck
  2. Her first buck
  3. Her 2020 buck
  4. Her 2021 buck