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Mar 17, 2022

Join the guys this week as they talk with Robie Pruitt of Antler King about food plot planting as well as other deer tidbits!

Robie's passion about food plots and the outdoors.

  1. Came from hunting family
  2. Deer and turkey
  3. Started planting food plots 25 years ago
  4. Started talking with farmers
  5. Family fun
  6. Watching animals work the plots
  7. Addictive 

How does someone get started

  1. Plan on how to get to the food plot without bumping deer
  2. Frost seeding
  3. Ideal temp is frost nights and melting days
  4. Too early allows birds to eat seeds
  5. What to frost seed
  6. Check your soil pH
  7. When to fertilize

When and how to use glyphosphate

  1. Wait a week to plant after using

Go to seeds for only one plot

pH kits

  1. Can test on site
  2. Uses test strip
  3. Kit tells you also how much lime and fertilizer amounts you should use.


  1. How to plant
  2. Annual
  3. Soil types
  4. Moisture content
  5. 8 ft wide strip 1/4 mile long
  6. Different width desnities
  7. Using paths for deer

Mixing Brassicas in your clover

Control burning

Planting depths

Setting up a mineral site

More is not always better

Will the war in Ukraine affect the price of seeds this coming fall?