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May 12, 2022

Join the guys in the Cabin this week as they chat with local outdoorsman Adam Winn about how he got into the outdoors fishing and hunting. They also chat about how his turkey season is going so far.

Adam's outdoor background

  1. Not brought up in an outdoor family
  2. Family friend took him fishing when he was young
  3. Another family friend took him deer hunting as a teenager
  4. Was immediately hooked on the outdoors

His fishing background

  1. First love is ice fishing
  2. Likes to ice fish big water on the Great Lakes
  3. Spends his soft water time chasing Bass, and Pike
  4. Scariest moment on the water

Adam's hunting background

  1. First deer
  2. Loves turkey hunting
  3. Loves archery season for deer
  4. His first two turkeys taken
  5. How he pursues turkey
  6. His approach to deer hunting