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Sep 15, 2022

Talking tonight with Randy Stoppenhaggen of C3 Mitts about the Idaho elk season which has already started. We will be covering a little bit about new info on elk breeding that Randy just learned about and talking about his recent elk hunt.

Talking C3 Mitts

  1. Huge sale right now
  2. Multi Mitt
  3. Bow Mitt
  4. Crossbow Mitt
  5. Rifle Mitt
  6. Shotgun Mitt

Idaho Elk Hunting

  1. Wildfires and the affect it has on elk and other animals
  2. Bear encounter
  3. Animal activity in smoky situation
  4. Hunting set up in early season
  5. Up close elk encounter

Elk Breeding

  1. Rock Jacobson elk seminar
  2. August breeding 
  3. Breeding season will dictate the success of survival rate
  4. Breeding cow calls
  5. Moon timing
  6. Bull calling
  7. Estrus cycle 2nd and 3rd time
  8. Bull stress of continuous breeding on multiple cycles
  9. How hieroglyphs played into what we know about the early estrus cycle
  10. 13 days past full moon