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Apr 6, 2023

Tonight we are bringing in our first guest from Canada! We are talking with Ontario's own Happy Camper Kevin Callan! We will get the inside info on what drives him to take long distance canoe trips all over Canada!

We met Kevin next to a bunch of rabbits in East Lansing

A story from Kevin's car ride with a rabbit judge!

How bends are there in a river

How he got started in canoeing

Portage in English or Portage' in French, what is the correct pronunciation 

Geography differences of a canoe

Kevin's three sisters and how he managed to survive their antics

His relationship with his father

Skipping Boy Scouts and going fishing

Keynote speaker for the Boy Scouts

His band Santa's Syphilis 

How the outdoors helped him

Recharging ones self in the outdoors

Goal driven in the outdoors of thriving in wilderness situations

Why is picking the correct campsite on the water so important?

The first car a green Montego

Is taking an ax with you like taking a banana on a boat?

Solo trips vs trips with a few good friends

Asked twice to be on the TV show Alone

How to make great camp coffee

What was the worst storm encountered on the water and how red ants saved his life

How did he get the name The Happy Camper and the Whiz Easy turns into a whistle

His trip to Scotland and what he found out when he met his family 

Picking out a canoe and a paddle

Canoe and paddling museum

His involvement with conservation and getting others involved in the outdoors

Our four questions where we get to know more about Kevin