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Mar 16, 2016

 Hunting Slam quests in North America with Mike Ruzs of Cabela's

  1. Talking Grand Slam of turkeys
  2. What consists of Royal and World Slams of turkeys?
  3. North American Whitetail Slam
  4. North American Flyway Waterfowl Slam
  5. Missing the Miriam from the Grand Slam due to a hunt with two friends who connected and also the Osceola in Florida
  6. Personal quests
  7. What drives us to the slams or bucket lists as we get older?
  8. Why we set our own bucket lists?
  9. What is the next challenge for us as outdoorsmen and women?
  10. We don't set out to do it, but all of a sudden we realize we are longing to take our experience to the next level
  11. Make your goals attainable but not impossible