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Jul 28, 2008

Episode 69

Up North Journal Stickers and Hats

Archery Monday

Ordered New 3-D Targets

Archery Thursday

Outdoor News

  1. New York hunting laws
  2. Olympic shooting team

Game Bag

  1. Arrow Fletchings
  2. Arrow Wraps

Youth Bow chronograph field test

  1. Diamond Edge
  2. Browning Adrenaline
  3. Browning Eclipse

Catfishing Sunday

Jakes Event

Jul 21, 2008

Episode 68

Late Fawns

Monday at the bow range

Interview with Bowtech regional representative

Delta Waterfowl meeting for new chapter,

Interview with new local chapter President Chuck Parr

Mikey's Game Bag

  1.  Bling Sling
  2.  Basment archery range

Gun Range...

Jul 14, 2008

Episode 67

Busy Week

Interview with Compass Outdoors

Targets, Chronograph, and Ballistics Gel

Parker Bow Interview

Outdoor News

  1. Minnesota Food Banks and Venison

Game Bag

  1. Bow add ons that take away FPS

Broadhead Test

  1. Ballistics Gel and Bones
  2. Accuracy Test
  3. Penetration Test

Upcoming Events 

Jul 7, 2008

Episode 66

Fishing Weekend

  1. Pan fishing with the kids
  2. Catfishing on the River with the new boat

Outdoor News

  1. Wisconsin Wolf Season?
  2. Wyoming Elk disease
  3. CCW and Disney

Archery This Week

  1. Two new youth bows
  2. Pro shop set up
  3. Shooting this weekend

Game Bag

  1. New bow release
  2. Stance and form techniques