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Aug 27, 2018

Talking fall turkey season with Limb Walker Game Calls Tim Sias in Harts West Virginia.

  1. How WV sets their fall season limits
  2. Using turkey dogs
  3. Fall deer hunting vs turkey hunting
  4. The great canning deer meat debate
  5. What calls to use for fall turkey hunting
  6. How to hunt turkeys in the fall
  7. West Virginia Bear hunting
  8. Tim...

Aug 20, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Eli Berant of Great Lakes Fly about fly fishing for Muskie on Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

  1. Bluegill is the gateway fish for fly fishing
  2. Basscar or Glitter Boats
  3. Learning to fly fish by chasing bluegill
  4. Learning to tie flies 
  5. Began with trout flies etc...
  6. The Adams fly
  7. Fished closer to home instead...

Aug 13, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Outdoor Writer and the Editor of Michigan Bow Hunters News Jerry Lambert.

  1. Talk about Michigan Bow Hunters News
  2. Jerry's involvement with the organization
  3. Jerry's outdoor books that he has written and how you can find them
  4. What fall and hunting means to us
  6. Trophy White...

Aug 6, 2018

Mike and Dan talked with Alex Tait, Product Manager of Carbon Express.

  1. Maxima Line and explanation of Tri-Spined arrow technology
  2. What applications do you use a small diameter and a larger diameter arrow.
  3. How to choose an arrow for your bow.
  4. Weight forward technology and what it does.
  5. Broadheads and weight forward...