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Oct 27, 2008

Episode 82

Cougar sighting in Michigan

Friday morning bow hunt

Weekend ducks and goose

  1. Friday Night
  2. Saturday Morning
  3. Sunday Morning

Goose Calls

2008 Election


Cabela's Seminars

Oct 20, 2008

Episode 81

Duck hunting this week

Prostaffer's outdoor activities this week


Outdoor News

  1. Women and Guns
  2. Car deer accidents
  3. New Jersey bear problems

Mikey's Game Bag

  1. Goose Calls
  2. Listener Email

Voting your 2nd amendment rights

Brag Board



  1. Kim Vickery, V.P. of Women Gone Hunting

Oct 13, 2008

Episode 80

CWD latest news

Bow hunting this week

Duck season opener in Michigan

  1. Saturday's hunt
  2. Sunday's hunt

Bow Tuning, Too Late?

Video and Blogs

Email Contest, win some broadheads

  1. This week's youth winner
  2. This week's adult winner

Field Dress - shirts


Oct 5, 2008

Episode 79

Michigan Archery Deer Season

Weekend Squirrel Hunt

Outdoor News

  1. Get Out and Vote
  2. Grey Wolf Listing
  3. New Jersey Game Laws
  4. Minnesota Student and His bow

Game Bag

  1. Crow Hunting
  2. Crow decoys

Cabela's Event

New Up North Journal Pro Staff Member

New Blogs

Goose Banding Video

Shooting Range Pricing

New Book