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Jan 26, 2015

Ice fishing this weekend with Dan "Red" DeFauw

Traditions and memories of the outdoors

  1. What sticks in our minds from our past expereinces
  2. Why those memories are important to us

Why we do what we do

  1. Why do people work in the outdoor industry
  2. How we get there and what we expect to do with it

Coyote Hunting Question of...

Jan 19, 2015

Ice fishing weekend with the UNJ crew for the first trip on the ice this season

Deer poaching fines

  1. Man gets $15000 deer poaching fine
  2. Are progressive fines the right way to go

North American Internation Auto Show

  1. Red goes to the show
  2. Anything for the outdoors men or women?

Hiking License and Ban

  1. Pennsylvania...

Jan 12, 2015

2015 ATA Show wrap up!

  1. PSE new Decree bow and three new crossbow offerings
  2. Dead Down Wind has 5 new products!
  3. Badass Slingshots!
  4. Family Traditions Treestands
  5. Mossy Oak's new camo pattern "Country"
  6. Garmin Virb Elite...

Jan 5, 2015

Meeting an Up North Journal Listener

  1. Talking about his hunting lands
  2. Asking us questions about hunting and fishing

The decline of the 16 Gauge and 10 Gauge shotguns

  1. Reasons for decline
  2. Uses for

A 100 year old Idaho game warden annual report on predatory animals

What would you do if you accidentally took an overlimit...