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Jan 22, 2021

The guys jump start the podcast again for 2021 and get you caught up on what the pandemic has done to them along with a wolf study on Isle Royal in Lake Superior. It is a 2021 Reboot and getting the show back on the rails again!

Nov 2, 2020

This week the guys discuss the issues concerning hunting all day long and all day sits in the field.

  2. Why you should try it
  3. What to take
  4. Ways to keep from getting bored

ATA show going virtual

  1. What impact this will have on the industry
  2. What...

Oct 12, 2020

Tonight the guys talk with Bill Reich from Lumenok about the lighted nocks they have to offer.

  1. What a lighted nock has to offer
  2. The basic use of a lighted nock
  3. Colors available
  4. How Lumenok is supporting St. Jude's cancer research
  5. How to properly install a Lumenock
  6. Proper fit
  7. Turning off the Lumenok
  8. Run time on the...

Oct 5, 2020

Join the guys this week as they discuss their two year journey of getting into shape and loosing weight. They talk about how this leads to being an ethical hunter.

Talking about the 2 year journey

  1. Accountability
  2. The workouts
  3. Set attainable realistic goals
  4. Lifestyle choice
  5. Encouraging others

How does being healthy...

Aug 3, 2020

This week the guys talk with Michael Bleau who lives near Mike and Danny who found a really old elk skull in his lake!

  1. How he found the elk skull
  2. Only one loop around the antlers held it
  3. Covered in muck
  4. Everyone in the neighborhood went nuts
  5. In about 30 to 40 feet of water
  6. Fully intact except for lower jaw
  7. Local...