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Aug 25, 2022

Join us this week in the Cabin as we talk with a father and son team that took on a hiking trip the entire length of Isle Royale National Park! Learn about what it takes and what you need to take with you for such a trip!

Why Isle Royale?

  1. Went once before with a friend
  2. Wanted his son to experience it

Training for the...

Aug 18, 2022

Join us in the Cabin This week as we find out when is it time to call in the dogs to track and find your deer. Rob Miller of Miller's Deer Tracking tells us when it's time to find a deer tracker and what all is involved in deer tracking dogs.

How did Rob get involved in deer tracking

  1. Shot a deer and couldn't find it,...

Aug 11, 2022

Getting into the archery groove tonight by talking with Rob Komyathy of Outtech about the PSE Omen's return to the scene. What is new with the Omen and see the other flagship hunting bows of PSE Archery.

Getting to know Rob and Outtech

  1. Worked in the outdoors all his life
  2. Loves to fish
  3. Outtech 40 years in sales and...

Aug 4, 2022

Talking plastic lures tonight with Southern Indiana Bait Company's Zion Dunaway. They have been hitting it hard on the fishing circuit along with getting new baits out for fishermen.

What has Zion been up to this past few months

High School National Fishing Championship

  1. Skill level
  2. How many teams
  3. Money to be...