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May 28, 2015

This week takes us back to May of 2007 where I take out my son Mikey and my friend Kevin Hutchings on a turkey hunt to remember!

May 21, 2015

What kind of camera gear we use in the woods while hunting.

May 18, 2015

First Time Turkey Hunter

  1. College student gets back out into the woods to enjoy turkey hunting for the first time
  2. Her experience out in the woods

Dead Down Wind Camo Face Paint

  1. Easy on
  2. Easy off
  3. 5 colors this year

Manfrotto tripod used for hunting

  1. Deploys into a completely flat position for sitting against...

May 14, 2015

More turkey hunting and bowfishing with Mike and Mikey.  We also hear from Mackenzie and Jacob.


May 11, 2015

First Time Turkey Hunter

  1. Dan takes his wife out for her first turkey hunt
  2. How does a balloon figure into a hunt
  3. Second day out

Is Michigan Canceling Their Upper Peninsula Deer Hunt?

  1. Proposed changes to this year's hunt
  2. Dan's take on the U.P. deer herd

New Deer Management Project

  1. Mike's club project
  2. Who he's trying...