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Apr 27, 2023

Spring food plots are getting ready to be planted soon. We check in with Lincoln Rohn of PackerMaxx to talk about what's new with his company along with what you can do to help your local deer herd this season.

Up North Journal Anniversary and a special dedication for this show for a close friend of Lincoln Rohn's


Apr 20, 2023

Tonight we are getting Jiggy with it with Katelyn Beaver of Beavers Lures about the fishing jigs she makes. We are also Talking with Morgan Eagleowski of Visit Escanaba and her involvement in the U.P. Ice Fishing and Hunting Expo.

How does a 20 year old female start her own fishing lure company

What is Beavers Lures


Apr 13, 2023

Tonight we are talking with The Airborne Angler of Michigan. We are discussing how he uses his aircraft to help fellow outdoorsmen, especially during the Michigan ice fishing season!

Who is the Airborne Angler

How does he use his aircraft to help save lives on Saginaw Bay during Michigan's ice fishing season

How are his...

Apr 6, 2023

Tonight we are bringing in our first guest from Canada! We are talking with Ontario's own Happy Camper Kevin Callan! We will get the inside info on what drives him to take long distance canoe trips all over Canada!

We met Kevin next to a bunch of rabbits in East Lansing

A story from Kevin's car ride with a rabbit...