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Mar 27, 2017

We interview Tony Smith sitting council member of Michigan QDMA and cover a host of topics concerning QDMA and Michigan deer.

  1. What does QDMA of Michigan do for our deer?
  2. Advise Michigan DNR on the Michigan deer herd
  3. Active with Congressional Sportsman Caucus
  4. QDMA's position on Mandatory Antler Point Restrictions
  5. R3...

Mar 20, 2017

Interview with Drew Youngedyke the editor of Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine and

Chief information officer at MUCC.
  1. What is MUCC?
  2. How he got started at MUCC
  3. Drew's hunting background
  4. Hunting camp
  5. Most memorable hunt

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

  1. What is the money from the federal government go for and how...

Mar 13, 2017

Interview with Lincoln Rohn, founder of Michigan Deer Hunters Let'em Go and Let'em Grow.

  1. Closed Facebook group, must be vetted to be part of the group.
  2. For Michigan hunters
  3. He started his own type of QDM on his property about 15 years ago
  4. Went to informational meeting about Michigan's Northwest 12 APR's which led to...

Mar 6, 2017

Joe Conyers of Conyers Outdoors talks about his Kansas buck called Madusa!

  1. Named Madusa due to the look of the antlers
  2. Gross scored 233 7/8"
  3. Watched buck for 2 years
  4. Shot in middle of October
  5. He passed so his wife could shoot but she missed
  6. He got another opportunity and he took it
  7. 21 yard shot!
  8. Ran 75 yards
  9. Got so...