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Jan 30, 2017

Making venison summer sausage

  1. Using the new electric smoker
  2. Things we learned along the way
  3. Mixing the ingredients
  4. Smoking process
  5. Taste test on the show!
  6. Take a look at our live stream video we posted on facebook to see the whole process

Jan 23, 2017

Dan Jasa Michigan & Ohio Sales Manager for PSE Archery

  1. From Nebraska and grew up hunting and fishing
  2. Hunting pheasants and pond fishing
  3. Lots of Turkey in Nebraska
  4. Lived recently in Missouri
  5. Caught the deer hunting bug
  6. Started shooting archery tournaments after purchasing a bow
  7. Missouri uses 1/8th of 1% sales tax to use...

Jan 16, 2017

Covering the Archery Trade Association show for 2017 from Indianapolis Indiana

  1. Our take on the show
  2. Our favorites from the show
  3. Meeting a few celebrities
  4. Companies that support us and their new gear for the year
  5. PSE Archery
  6. Black Eagle Arrows
  7. Scent Blocker

Talking about the American Chestnut tree and how it works...

Jan 9, 2017

Our take on supplemental turkey feeding in the winter

  1. We don't do it
  2. Have to be careful due to deer and bear getting into the feed site
  3. Could keep flocks bunched together instead of breaking up for spring breeding
  4. Could cause a big boom in local turkey population where you're feeding
  5. Could kill birds due to mold or...

Jan 1, 2017

Mike and Dan say goodbye to 2016!

Talking about the CNN Eagle CAM

  1. Shows eagle eggs hatching
  2. We put a live feed on our webpage
  3. Harriett and M16, mom and dad eagles
  4. Eagles in Fort Meyers Florida
  5. Why is everyone loosing their minds and so involved over this eagle cam?
  6. Technology separating us from the...