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Jan 23, 2017

Dan Jasa Michigan & Ohio Sales Manager for PSE Archery

  1. From Nebraska and grew up hunting and fishing
  2. Hunting pheasants and pond fishing
  3. Lots of Turkey in Nebraska
  4. Lived recently in Missouri
  5. Caught the deer hunting bug
  6. Started shooting archery tournaments after purchasing a bow
  7. Missouri uses 1/8th of 1% sales tax to use for Missouri Sportsmen!
  8. Missouri deer registration
  9. Game check app for Missouri hunters
  10. No need to carry a paper tag anymore!

Danny throwing $100 bills around!

  1. Long Distance shooting
  2. Shooting Challenge

Tournament Archery

  1. Dan shoots a lot of indoor tournaments
  2. NFAA, Vegas Target, World Archery Tournaments
  3. David shoots outdoor 3D targets
  4. Open and hunter classes
  5. How much do these guys practice
  6. PSE Evolve 35
  7. High and Low letoff
  8. Setting up your sight for outdoor tournaments

 Mike and Dan won a couple of guns at the Benefit 4 Kids fundraiser banquet

Dan Jasa talks about his DYI Idaho elk hunt

  1. 6 day hunt 60 miles total walking
  2. Warm weather hunting in September around 8000 feet of elevation
  3. Saw several elk but never got a shot
  4. Best advice hunt with someone who's been before
  5. Had a elk tag and mule deer tag
  6. Allowed to hunt bear and predators as well with those 2 tags
  7. Need to practice calling before you go
  8. Came upon fresh grizzly bear sign
  9. Morning strategy
  10. What type of gear used in warm weather
  11. Effective killing range up to 90 yards

400th episode on the horizon

Traditional Bowhunters Expo next weekend in Kalamazoo Michigan

  1. David Boggs attending with two booths
  2. Backwater Legacies will have a booth there

Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular in February and PSE will have their line up of new bows there to shoot.