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May 19, 2022

Join the guys tonight as they chat with UNJ Staffer Mark Coleman from Indiana. Mark takes us through killing his first turkey ever  as well as how he has done this Morel Mushroom season.

Turkey Hunt

  1. A hunt that started in the late afternoon with just a sit in the stand
  2. Talking to mom on the phone
  3. The Tom answered the...

Apr 15, 2022

Join the guys in the Cabin this week as they talk the basics of turkey hunting with retired Michigan DNR officer Dan Prince.


How did Dan get started in turkey hunting

  1. His dad was a professor at Michigan State University and specialized in birds.
  2. His dad brought his first turkey to his classroom as a kid and Dan...

Mar 24, 2022

Join the guys tonight as they talk about getting ready for turkey hunting with Mark Coleman out of Indiana. They talk about turkey tactics along with other turkey tidbits.


Mark gives us his take on the Indiana Turkey and Deer Expo

  1. People he met
  2. Companies he worked with
  3. African hunts
  4. EZ Kut products at the...

Jan 21, 2022

Tonight we talk with EZ Kut brand ambassador Mark Coleman about the EZ Kut Lineup.

  1. The racheting pruners
  2. The straight hand saw
  3. The curved hand saw
  4. The Wow saw
  5. The 15 and 20 foot telescoping pole saws
  6. The Kamakazi Force Pruners
  7. The Little G racheting loppers
  8. The G2 telescoping loppers
  9. The Sling pack

How we use these...

Jan 14, 2022

Join us tonight as Bill Friedrich talks about his hunting camp Singing Hills and the book he wrote about it "That Hunting Camp"

How Singing Hills got started

  1. 1939 by Bill's Grandpa Louie
  2. Camp as a child
  3. The early years
  4. Early camp rules
  5. Bill's 1st opening day
  6. Running a camp as a 28 year old
  7. Changing the rules
  8. How...