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May 30, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Dog and Cat Licenses
  2. Use Permits For State Land

Sand Hill Crane Hunting Legislation In Kentucky

Turkey Wrestling

  1. Randy Duncan Finally Punches His Tag!
  2. How It All Went Down

Frog Gigging

May 23, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Hunter Access Program
  2. Should We Kill Coyotes Out Of Season
  3. Should Military Style Weapons Be Used For Hunting
  4. Deer Contraceptives

Randy Duncan's First Turkey Hunt\

JT's On The Beach

Primative Weapons Debate

May 16, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Thermacells and insect repellant
  2. Butchering your own deer
  3. Should scopes be allowed on muzzleloaders

Diseased Deer

  1. Deer warts or papiloma virus'
  2. TB
  3. Deer baiting in Michigan


  1. First outting of the year
  2. Mikey is back!
  3. The good and the bad!

Severe Weather Effects On Wild Game

Preparing For Deer...

May 9, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Hunting in the rain
  2. What does Mother's Day mean to you

Mother's Day, A Quick Shout Out To All The Moms

Turkey Season Wrap Up

  1. Mike's Season Is Done
  2. JT's Season Is Done

May 1, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Single Pin sights vs Multi Pin sights
  2. Should active military personnel and veterans hunt and fish for free
  3. Should lottery hunt results only be available online

JT's Turkey Hunting Week

  1. JT's hunt
  2. JT's neighbor shoots monster bird
  3. JT's taxidermy work

Sandhill Crane Hunting

Weather Ruins Outdoor...