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Oct 31, 2011

Vacation Hunting

  1. Doe Kill
  2. Buck Kill

Vacation Trapping

  1. Leassons Learned
  2. First Coon Trapped

Hunting With My Dad


Oct 22, 2011

This week I had a chance to chat with Larry Weishuhn, better known as Mr. Whitetail.  You might know him from Bucks of Tecomate or Winchester Legends.  Sit back and listen in as I ask Larry a few questions about his early outdoor life!

Oct 17, 2011

Mikey's photo shoot this weekend

Trapping Season

  1. Prepping traps
  2. Black Walnuts
  3. New Traps

Week of duck hunting with Mikey, three hunts this week.

Bow Hunting

  1. Using a canoe
  2. First time out this season

Odds and Ends

  1. Beyond the Wild 17
  2. Chip Hailstone's new blog:  Caribou Hunt in Heaven
  3. Next week's show and interview with...

Oct 10, 2011

Michigan's Waterfowl Opener Weekend

Conceal Carry on College Campus', Are Things Changing?

Buck To Do Ratio, Question From A Listener

Bow Fishing Changes Might Be Coming To Michigan