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Mar 26, 2018

Mike attended a pollination and habitat workshop this week

  1. Butterflies as pollinators and research going into the disappearance of two species
  2. Travel time for Monarch butterfly migration
  3. Downward trend of honey bee populations and what is killing them
  4. Bee population in the Lower 48
  5. Chemicals and mites killing the...

Mar 19, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Lance Valentine of Walleye 101 fishing school.

  1. Finishing up the fishing show circuit
  2. Show attendance was down due to weather and March Madness tournament
  3. 1st week of April on the Detroit River
  4. After Mother's Day it's the Saginaw Bay and Saginaw River pre and post spawn
  5. Vertical jigging for...

Mar 12, 2018

Cablea's Turkey Classic this weekend with Mike and Danny.

  1. Two days at the Chesterfield Cabela's
  2. Worked with both new hunters and experienced hunters
  3. Birds are already moving
  4. The questions we were asked at our seminars
  5. Shot size, Calls, decoys
  6. Seminars, Fan mounts, kids calling contest, and turkey 101


Mar 5, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Tim Andrus of The Rush Outdoors

  1. Traveling through Canada as he heads home from Michigan
  2. 2018 Season, his 7th season for Rush Outdoors
  3. Antelope hunt in Wyoming and a little fishing
  4. New York buck hunt with a bow
  5. Self Fliming your hunts
  6. Rush Outdoors Uncut
  7. How he got started in the outdoor...