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Jun 27, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Is it ever ok to kill a deer illegally
  2. Do you have your quiver on your bow in the field
  3. Is using a rangefinder cheating
  4. Should non native game animals be allowed to be kept in high fence hunting areas

 Using deer calls

How to judge shooting distances

Spot and stalk on turkeys

Sporting Hogs are going to be...

Jun 20, 2011

Father's Day

  1. Most memorable hunt with dad
  2. Most memorable fishing trip with dad

Fishing In England, An Interview With Matt Goodlife

  1. Different techniques
  2. Types of fish
  3. Bank and lake fishing

Recurve Bows, Talking With Randy Duncan About His Bow Purchase And Why He Chose What He Did

Bowfishing Weekend


Jun 13, 2011

Zero to 60

  1. Would you shoot a deer on a property line next to an adjacent property where the owner doesn't allow hunting
  2. Should safety harnesses be mandatory for any elevated hunters
  3. Should spot lighting be allowed if no weapons are present
  4. Would you hunt deer with a pistol

Michigan Deer Baiting Laws Have...

Jun 6, 2011

Zero To 60

  1. Has the media ruined what a trophy is to most hunters today
  2. How do you get ready for archery season
  3. What is the best hunting advice your father has given you
  4. When it comes to hunting are you superstitious

The Common Thread That Binds All Hunters Together - The Outdoors and The Love Of It

  1. Why does it have...