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Nov 28, 2016

2016 Michigan Firearm Deer Season Recap for Mike

  1. Only one buck in camp this year
  2. Buck sightings and sign down this year
  3. Successful doe management
  4. Other camps around are having the same issues
  5. Local DNR check station says their numbers are down after the first week
  6. Are low buck numbers due to third cycle does being bred causing bucks to be over stressed during the winter and causing their demise?

Dan's recap for the 2016 Firearm Deer Season in Michigan

  1. A lot of does and not enough big bucks
  2. Lots of young bucks trying to breed
  3. Not as many deer during firearm season as in bow season
  4. Was problems due to weather and super moon?
  5. Was deer at Dan's property leaving to neighbors who had a lumber cut two years previous with new understory growth for food?

UNJ Gnome

  1. Why do we have a gnome?
  2. Gnome is making the rounds to all the UNJ members
  3. NO Elf on the Shelf!

Mike had his deer dropped off at a processor

  1. Frozen deer and rain kept Mike from processing his deer
  2. Deer and Bacon!
  3. Bacon wrapped Elf on the Shelf

Randy's recap on the 2016 Firearm Deer Season in Michigan

  1. Randy hunted private land and public land this season
  2. Used his Onyx map phone app to learn the lay of the land on private section he hunted
  3. He learned several things both good and bad during deer season
  4. Got his kids out with him to teach them about deer hunting

Up North Journal apparel will hopefully be available soon!

Mike and Dan are working with Cabela's again this year

Benefit for Kids is sold out

Will be attending ATA again in 2017