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Feb 20, 2017

Michigan Deer and Turkey Expo

  1. Warm weather week!
  2. Show was slow
  3. Vendor attendance was down
  4. Are there too many shows nowdays?
  5. Seeing more women and kids shooting bows

Frost seeding food plots with Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots

  1. Usually in Michigan it is mid to late April
  2. Spreading clover, chickory, and alfalfa to allow the frost to work for us
  3. Do this over plots that were planted last season
  4. Soil testing
  5. Sufuze, scent dispersal system
  6. Coreinfusion feed

Tattle Tail, the world's smallest deer decoy from Antler Action

Tom's Custom Turkey Calls now has a deer grunt tube

We talked with a guy from QDMA and he was discussing how the super moon affected the breeding cycle.

Mike saw a buck today still with antlers

Answering a question about piebald deer

Talking coyote sightings and the breeding season