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Apr 24, 2017

Interview with QDMA's Director of Education and Outreach, Kip Adams

  1. Was a deer and bear biologist for New Hampshire Fish and Game
  2. Found out about QDMA and became North East Regional Director for QDMA in Pennsylvania
  3. Always interested in wildlife and wanted to become a wildlife biologist
  4. In college developed the drive to become a biologist and do research
  5. Where the research and numbers come from in deer studies
  6. How the information on research gets out to the hunters
  7. Latest research right now is looking at some new things, Deer movement, Deer sight to see how they react to camo patterns
  8. How can the public land owner or small parcel private land owner make an impact in their hunting
  9. 1/3 of QDMA members don't own any land to hunt on
  10. Most important impact is to improve your deer cover
  11. Next is get involved in a deer cooperative
  12. Get involved and share information
  13. What is the number one road block to deer hunters today
  14. CDW or other wildlife diseases
  15. Are we making headway on CWD?
  16. What can a hunter do to help stop CWD?
  17. How to join
  18. Annual Whitetail Report
  19. What is Kip's Favorite snack while hunting
  20. What does Kip listen to on the Radio
  21. What is his favorite wildgame meal
  22. What is his most memorable hunt

Mike and Dan talk about the 10 year anniversary of Up North Journal

  1. How it all began
  2. Started the Outdoor Podcast Channel
  3. Most memorable show
  4. Looking at more education and outdoor research

Dan's tough week of turkey hunting

  1. Mike provided live weather updates
  2. Dan let three jakes walk and some one else shot them
  3. Dan calls in a dog
  4. Tag sandwich

Fourth Arrow Archery action camera boom