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Aug 28, 2017

Mike and Dan take the show outside this week and go live from the backyard while bow shooting.

Bowfest Recap

  1. Rundown of the days events
  2. Getting a little schooling from the Professionals
  3. We got to help a young girl shoot a bow for the first time which made our day!
  4. Always good to teach young and old the archery game!

We shoot our bows live on the show.

  1. Mike and Dan arguing while shooting
  2. Mike gives Dan grief over a flat tipped field point
  3. Mike and Dan breakdown the new PSE Shootdown target bow
  4. Mike has never shot a target bow up till he shot the Shootdown this weekend
  5. Do you shoot or practice in inclement weather?

Dan gets his forestry management plan to enroll in the State of Michigan's forestry Management program

  1. Got a 88 page plan
  2. Broken into 5 areas
  3. 20 year plan
  4. Gave recommendations for trees and shrubs to replant after cutting
  5. Gets a property tax break
  6. Gives a report as to any disease or infestation of insects that destroy habitat

Fall food plot work

  1. Dan is planting his first food plot after logging
  2. Mike is replanting his field.
  3. Deer have wiped out his field
  4. Planting Killer Food Plots Carniage
  5. Put 2 new cameras up and pull the cards on the others.